A Day and a Half

5.8/10 80% Initial release: 2023Director: Fares FaresProducers: Hanna Lundmark, Christina LegkovaDistributed by: Netflix Description : Police officer Lukas, tracking down leads Artan and Louise, a divorced couple on an emotionally-charged road trip when Artan takes Louise hostage to reunite with his daughter. The journey takes them through rural Sweden during a hot summer, all while having police on their heels. […]

One Piece

8.5/10 Program creators: Eiichiro Oda, Steven MaedaBased on: One Piece; by Eiichiro OdaBudget: $138 millionExecutive producers: Eiichiro Oda; Marty Adelstein; Becky Clements; Matt Owens; Steven MaedaGenre: Action-adventure; Comedy-drama; Fantasy; Description : An alternate version of Earth, and one that is currently in the midst of the ‘Golden Age of Pirates’. Ruthless cut-throat pirates rule the seas, and only the strongest have the chance to lay […]

The Great Seduction

6.5/10 Director: Celso GarcíaLanguage: SpanishProducers: Nicolás Celis, Sebastian CelisDistributed by: Netflix Description : After industrialization ended economic activity and filled the inhabitants of the fishing island of Santa María del Mar with disappointment, their destiny is about to take a turn with the opportunity for a fish packing company to settle in the town. The only requirement: convince a doctor […]

Good Morning, Verônica

7.5/10 Language: PortugueseFirst episode date: October 1, 2020 (Brazil)Genre: MysteryOriginal network: NetflixOriginal release: October 1, 2020 –; present Description : After witnessing a suicide, an unobtrusive police clerk decides to investigate two neglected cases on her own, both involving abused women. Good Morning, Verônica | Official Trailer | Netflix

Destined With You

7.9/10 First episode date: August 23, 2023 (South Korea)Genre: Fantasy; Romance;Hangul: 이 연애는 불가항력Literal meaning: This Love Is IrresistibleMusic by: GaemiNo. of episodes: 7 (as of September 13, 2023) Description : Follows a successful lawyer who has everything, but who is plagued by a family curse, and turns out that the one who holds the secret to breaking it is the […]

Dear Child

7.5/10 86% Release date: September 7, 2023 (USA)Language: GermanWriters: Julian Pörksen, Isabel Kleefeld Description : Lena lives in complete isolation together with the two children Hannah and Jonathan in a highly secured home. They eat their meals, go to the toilet and to bed at precisely prescribed times. As soon as he enters the room, they line […]

Invisible City

7.2/10 83% Language: PortugueseFirst episode date: February 5, 2021 (Brazil)Based on: an original idea; by: Raphael Draccon; Carolina MunhózGenre: FantasyOriginal network: NetflixPortuguese: Cidade Invisível Description : An underground world is inhabited by mythical creatures evolved from a deep lineage of Brazilian folklore. One detective who finds himself caught in a murder investigation that puts him in the middle of a battle between these […]


8.2/10 Networks: Star+, Star PremiumWriters: Alexandre FragaFirst episode date: October 19, 2018 (Brazil)Genre: Crime dramaNo. of episodes: 30Original language: Portuguese Description : Rio de Janeiro, during the 90’s. Evandro dreams about becoming a great businessman, but ends up entering the world of crime and making an empire out of his criminal organization. His business skills and leadership abilities draw the attention of […]

Jack Reacher

7/10 63% Release date: December 19, 2012 (USA)Director: Christopher McQuarrieAdapted from: One ShotFilm series: Jack ReacherDistributed by: Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros.Edited by: Kevin Stitt Description : In an innocent heartland city, five are shot dead by an expert sniper. The police quickly identify and arrest the culprit, and build a slam-dunk case. But instead of confessing, the accused man writes the words, […]


7.4/10 70% Language: NorwegianFirst episode date: January 31, 2020 (Norway)Composer: Halfdan EGenre: Fantasy; Drama; Superhero;Original network: NetflixProducer: Stine Meldgaard Madsen Description : In the small fictional town of Edda, youths coming of age are forced to respond to climate changes. The ice caps are melting at an unanticipated rate; people go through long periods of drought; the winters are too warm; people […]